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Pink Connect

There's never been a better time to join the industry! Pink Connect are leading the charge for SME businesses to change their Analogue and ISDN telephone lines to Voice over IP using Fibre to the Premises as soon as possible.


In Germany in 2018, tens of thousands of businesses were left without telephones when the PSTN telephone service was switched off as hundreds of thousands of businesses had place last minute orders that could not possible be fulfilled in time. 

Once onboard, we train our franchisees in our product set and aimed squarely at the UK SME Business Market. Through our intensive initial training, our weekly Franchise Support meetings, on-line supplier trainings and ongoing Social Media support, we keep them abreast of what’s new, and directly in view of our target audience.


Once a meeting has been set, our Franchisees typically close with 90% of those meetings resulting in business being signed. At no point is the Franchisee ever responsible for customer debt, something all our Franchisees value greatly!


Telephone: 0345 450 9393