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Gold Plating Kits from Goldgenie is part of the Goldgenie group, innovators and pioneers of the global mobile brush plating industry.


We supply gold plating solutions, chemicals & business start-up kits for entrepreneurs/ hobbyists wishing to start their own brush plating ventures.

The brainchild of founder & president Laban Roomes, Goldgenie has risen to become the world’s premier luxury customization business.

After appearing on Dragon’s Den and procuring funding from James Caan, Goldgenie’s popularity skyrocketed as they emerged as the go-to gold plating and luxury customization business for some of the most elite businesses and individuals in the world.

You can become a Goldgenie Certified Professional where you will be able to affiliate yourself with the Goldgenie brand, alternatively you can invest in an affordable Gold, Silver, Chrome or Rhodium brush plating ‘home start system'.


Telephone:  0208 804 6200